The Next Generation Of Battery Storage Has Arrived

The third generation Hybrid inverter from SolaX boasts a range a new features, keeping us at the forefront of battery storage technology

Solar Battery Storage


   Increase self-consumption to 80%+


   Protect against power outages


   Limit export/charge from grid


   Online system monitoring


SolaX Power is delighted to announce the launch of the eagerly anticipated third generation of our market-leading solar battery storage product Hybrid inverter, which now includes a range of both single-phase and three-phase models. The X-Hybrid battery storage inverter is compatible with the leading lithium-ion battery solutions available on the market today making it the most popular energy storage solution.


One Platform. Multiple Functions.

Choose which items you power with solar in your home, monitor your PV production and view your current yield. It is all possible with the SolaX Cloud.

Never lose power


The ‘E’ version of X-Hybrid has a built-in Emergency Power Supply (EPS) function that enables the user to run off their batteries and PV array in the event of a power cut. In addition, the ‘E’ series can be installed in a completely off-grid setting supplying power to essential appliances when no grid power is available.


Easily set an export limit based on local requirements.

Energy Storage


   Scalable to 25.2kWh


   Up to 6kW charge/discharge


   6000 Cycles


   High Voltage


   Compact Design


   90% DOD


SolaX Power is delighted to announce compatibility with the new Triple Power high-voltage battery solution. Designed and manufactured in partnership with SolaX, Triple Power will be offering 4.5 & 6.3kWh options, each of which can be installed in series with up to 3 more batteries of the same size. Boasting a 6000 cycle lifespan with a 10 year warranty and 90% depth of discharge, the new Triple Power battery is a flexible, practical, high-performance energy storage solution.


Compatible with: X1-Hybrid, X1-Fit, X3-Hybrid a X3-Fit.